Pediatric Point-of-Care ultrasound education is continually expanding.  The P2Network is committed to providing support for ongoing educational projects and also for providing a centralized platform for resources related to POCUS education.


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Additional learning hubs for point-of-care ultrasound


Hands-on and virtual workshops to hone your skills


Our network has collaborated to develop recommended curricula for both pediatric emergency medicine (PEM) fellows and PEM POCUS fellows, and has also developed guidelines for credentialing PEM faculty in POCUS.

Consensus Core Point-of-Care Ultrasound Applications for Pediatric Emergency Medicine Training

A Delphi consensus study of key components recommended in a PEM Fellowship Curriculum.

Core Content for Pediatric Emergency Medicine Ultrasound Fellowship Training: A Modified Delphi Consensus Study

A Delphi consensus study of key components recommended in a PEM POCUS Fellowship Curriculum.

Online Resources

Highland Ultrasound

From the Emergency Ultrasound Division at Highland Hospital in Oakland, CA, this is a great resource for regional anesthesia to reduce pain for your patients undergoing procedures in an emergency setting.

Core Ultrasound

Home of some great POCUS educational tools, including 5 Minute Sono, Ultrasound Podcast and Ultrasound of the Week.

Ultrasound G.E.L. Podcast

A podcast critically reviewing the most recent POCUS literature.

The POCUS Atlas

A collaborative POCUS education platform that includes an atlas of great POCUS images (Image Atlas) and a summary of the evidence behind the most common POCUS applications (Evidence Atlas) for both educators and learners.

SAEM Narrated Lecture Series

A series of free online lectures narrated by an Academy of Emergency Ultrasound expert.

Free Ultrasound E-Books

From the folks Down Under at Zedu Ultrasound Training solutions, this is a comprehensive listing of free ultrasound e-books.  Explore the resources page of their website for additional free resources.

ImageSim Ultrasound

An advanced learning platform with the goal of improving health care professional ultrasound image interpretation.

UNC Narrated Lecture Series

An expanding library of pediatric-specific PEM POCUS lectures from the division of Pediatric Emergency Medicine at the University of North Carolina.

YouTube: P2SK

P2SK Youtube is a centralized location for free open access medical education (#FOAMed) related to paediatric POCUS. How-to videos, lectures, and case studies are all available to be viewed at shared.


Hands-on workshops have come to a ‘virtual’ standstill due to COVID-19.  Check back in periodically for the latest offerings for hands-on POCUS training.

Have an upcoming pediatric POCUS workshop?  Contact Erika Constantine to have your workshop listed here.


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