P2Network provides a platform for aspiring POCUS researchers to develop and refine research ideas, advancing POCUS knowledge by conferring and deciding on topics worthwhile of investment in research resources. Research projects are often multi-center, allowing researchers to collaborate and pool resources to investigate topics of common interests. We provide general mentorship, research protocol feedback and research mentorship.

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Ongoing Research

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P2-Sponsored Projects

P2-sponsored projects receive general mentorship, research protocol feedback and research mentorship.

Point-Of-Care Ultrasonography for Intussusception: A Noninferiority Trial

P.I.: Kelly Bergmann (Children’s Minnesota)

Study Objectives: To determine whether POCUS by pediatric emergency physicians is non-inferior to ultrasonography by radiologists for the detection of clinically important intussusception

Current Status: 183 patients enrolled across 14 sites. 43 children with ileocolic (clinically important) intussusception. Target N= 256 (currently at 71% of target). We anticipate meeting our N by winter of 2020. Abstract was accepted for a podium presentation at SAEM in May. 2 new sites added.

POCUS Data Registry Sites

P.I.: Adam Sivitz (Newark Beth Israel Medical Center)

Study Objectives: A POCUS data registry is currently in development. Using REDCap, the registry collects data for all POCUS applications and can be used to track POCUS use for places with no middleware available. PHI and images will not be collected. The goal is to create large datasets to use for GI, tracking for credentialing, or future research purposes.

Current Status: The registry is currently in beta-testing and we are looking for sites to use the registry and make suggestions. Email: If interested, please email Adam Sivitz at

Point-of-Care Ultrasonography in Pediatric Patients with COVID-19

P.I.: Marsha Elkhunovich (CHLA), Kathryn Pade (Rady Children’s)

Study Objectives: (1) To gather a case series of lung POCUS on pediatric patients with suspected or confirmed COVID. (2) To gather a case series of POCUS on pediatric patients with suspected or confirmed COVID-PIMS.

Current Status: Looking for Cases!! If you have done any ultrasounds on patients with known or suspected COVID, please contact

POCUS for Pediatric Thoracic Trauma: A Multi-Institutional Trial

P.I.: Kirstin Weerdenburg & Sam Lam (Sutter Medical Center Sacramento)

Study Objective: To determine the diagnostic accuracy of ED POCUS in pediatric traumatic thoracic injuries compared to chest x-ray/chest CT.

Current Status: Approved by Sutter IRB. Pilot sites have been selected and IRB submission begun. Internal grant awarded (Sutter).

Point-of-Care Lung Ultrasound in the Evaluation of Children Presenting with Suspected Pneumonia and Subcentimeter Consolidations in the Pediatric Emergency Department


Study Objective: To determine the significance of subcentimeter consolidations and need for antibiotics in patients presenting with concern for pneumonia in the pediatric emergency department.

Current Status: Protocol in development, finalizing primary and secondary objectives. Will plan to conduct a “pilot” prospective observation study to follow outcomes of those with subcentimeter consolidations on POCUS before proceeding with the full study. Looking for a PI. Please email if interested.

Non-P2 Sponsored Projects

Independent projects seeking multi-site collaboration are listed below.

Changes in Sonographic Features with Serial Appendicitis Imaging: A Feasibility Study

P.I.: David Kessler (Columbia University)

Study Objectives: This is a pilot study investigating the feasibility of doing serial ultrasounds for appendicitis to identify potential predictors for treatment response. Our aims are:

1. To determine clinically important factors on point-of-care ultrasound that may assist clinicians in determining progression of simple acute appendicitis diagnosed in children seen in the emergency department

2. To identify enabling and deterring factors for doing serial point-of-care ultrasound.

Current Status: 11 sites participating with 90 subjects enrolled across all sites. In analysis and manuscript preparation.

Optic Nerve Sheath Diameter Normal Reference Range in Children Using Point-of-Care Ultrasound: A Multicentre Study

P.I.: Charlotte Grandjean-Blanchet, Mark Tessaro and Adrienne Davis (Hospital for Sick Kids, Toronto)

Study Objectives: To establish age-based ONSD reference ranges in healthy children and to identify factors that could influence ONSD variability amongst similarly aged participants, such as sex, weight, height, body mass index and ethnicity.

Current Status: Recruiting patients. Unfunded. Goal for a minimum of 100 patients recruited/site. Actively recruiting sites.

Email: If you’re interested in participating, please email Charlotte Grandjean-Blanchet,

The Peanut Butter & Jammed: Diagnostic Accuracy of Point-of-Care Ultrasound Compared to Radiographs for Diagnosing Pediatric Esophageal Foreign Bodies in the Emergency Department

P.I.: Danielle Paulin (Akron Children’s)

Study Objectives: Prospective, single-blinded study comparing the sensitivity and specificity of POCUS to that of x-rays in the detection of esophageal foreign bodies in pediatric patients presenting to the ED.

Current Status: Formalizing protocol and submitting to IRB. Recruiting additional sites.

E-mail: If you’re interested, in participating, please email Danielle Paulin at,

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