It’s that time of the year again! Come join us at the annual P2Network conference in Las Vegas (immediately following SAEM).

This year we’ll dive deep into administrative topics to find out how what does it take to make POCUS programs work. How to start a program? What equipment does a program need and what should we know about proper maintenance of it? How to bill for exams and how to credentialize physicians in performing POCUS? We’ll have the pleasure of hearing from Lilly Berman, Aaron Chen, Marsha Elkhunovich, Charisse Kwan, Marla Levine, Teresa Liu, Stephanie Leung, Amit Patel and Sathhya Subramaniam. All of them would be sharing their knowledge of how to run the best POCUS program ever!

In addition, we’ll stay up to date with the best PEM POCUS articles of the year, the best FOAM resources, and we’ll also choose coolest case of the year!

And if that’s not enough, our research and educational committees will be meeting to update on current projects and plan the ones ahead!

Don’t miss out on this great opportunity to be learn and be involved in the growing PEM POCUS community!

See you in Vegas,